Guidelines & Insurance

Insurance requirements

Before your event, make sure your caterer’s certificate of insurance (COI) is compatible with the building management’s requirements.

Their insurance must include the following coverage categories and amounts. For complete COI requirements, contact Laura Kittle.

  • Commercial general liability—minimum limits are $1 million per occurrence limit and $2 million general aggregate limit
  • Excess or umbrella liability—minimum limits are $2 million per occurrence and $2 million annual aggregate
  • Worker’s compensation—must meet statutory limits
  • Employer’s liability—minimum limits are $1 million bodily injury by accident each accident, $1 million bodily injury by disease, and $1 million bodily image for each employee
  • Commercial automobile liability—minimum combined single limit of $1 million per accident
  • Crime insurance—minimum limit is $1 million
  • Errors and omissions liability—minimum limits are $5 million per claim and $5 million in the aggregate


For more details about insurance requirements or any other event guidelines, contact Laura Kittle at